Online Payments

Pay your citations here.  Burns Municipal Court fines only.

Pay your citations online, here.

Online Payments:  You Will Be Charged a Fee to Use the Online Services

To make Online Payments, set up Auto Pay/ACH, check your account balance, print statements, go paperless, etc., Visit Billing Document Services webpage  for the following services:

  • Utility Bills

  • Business Licenses

  • New Customer Deposit

  • Service/Connect Fee

  • Burn Permit

  • Dog License

  • Rural Fire Subscription

  • Cemetery

  • Airport

  • Miscellaneous

  • Land Use Planning Filing Fees

You May Set Up Direct Pay for Your Water/sewer Bill With the City of Burns and We Will Pull the Amount Due From Your Bank Account on the 15th of Every Month Without Charging You a Fee.  if You Would Like to Set It Up, Please Call Burns City Hall, or Complete and Return the Form Below.